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Helping Families Soar

We are committed to helping families
Find their purpose 
Change their perspective
Pursue their dreams 
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Building the Future is a collaborative effort
especially in this new COVID environment

COVID has taken the wind out of the sails for many children and their families.

Let's partner together to help them soar as they navigate this new environment. 

Discover our approach to securing families during this unprecedented time.



Collaborative School & Family Solutions


In and After School Programs


Utilization of Evidence Based Methods


Youth Directed Programs

What Makes Us Special

We offer approachable mentorship programs tailored to the student and family's individual needs. 

Our mentors are in the community, from the community and for the community.


This means that we are able to connect with the students in ways that they can trust because the mentors look like them, have been where they may be now and are living lives that are reflective of who they want to be in the future.



Future Focused did a lot of great work helping out student’s families that were economically disadvantaged in the Dallastown Area School District community.
Their generosity has been so beneficial to our students and their families.  They are such a blessing to the community.
Meredith Adomanis

Dallastown School District, PA

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